Als Metadaten oder Metainformationen bezeichnet man allgemein Daten, die Informationen über andere Daten enthalten. Bei den beschriebenen Daten handelt es sich oft um größere Datensammlungen (Dokumente) wie Bücher, Datenbanken oder Dateien. So werden auch Angaben von Eigenschaften eines Objektes (beispielsweise Personennamen) als Metadaten bezeichnet. Während der Begriff „Metadaten“ relativ neu ist, ist sein Prinzip unter anderem jahrhundertelange bibliothekarische Praxis.



MPEG-7 is not a video or audio coding scheme or delivery mechanism. It is a Content Description Framework.

In a world of more and more content stored in more places, the ability to identify, search, index and publish information about content is key. Officially called the Multimedia Content Description Interface, it’s a set of rules and tools for describing content. Most media file types already can carry a metadata payload, which is typically used for Title, Artist, and Copyright information. MPEG-7 is like that but much more. Complex and customized metadata structures can be defined using the XML-based Description Definition Language (

DDL). Metadata schemes can include descriptions of semantic elements (shapes, colors, people, objects,

motion, musical notation) catalogues elements (copyright and access rules, parental ratings, title, location, date, etc) or structural elements (technical stats about the media). Search engines, PVRs, live broadcasts and content management systems all can benefit from a standard, human and machine-readable way to describe and identify content.


MPEG-47 is a nickname of the combination of MPEG-4 and MPEG-7, which refers to use MPEG-4 to do the content CODEC and distribution and use MPEG-7 to facilidate the distribution with metadata.

Frameline 47: The first commercial MPEG-7 application, Frameline 47 uses an advanced content schema based on MPEG-7 so as to be able to notate entire video files, or segments and groups of segments from within that video file according to the MPEG-7 convention (commercial tool, Mac only, 14 Tage Demo auf der Webseite)

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