More than ever we need access to solid knowledge about historical film color processes in order to save our beautiful filmic heritage.

A comprehensive resource about historical film color processes will be a useful tool for film historians, archivists, curators, film scholars and students.

Responsible for the development of this project is film studies professor Barbara Flueckiger from the Institute of Cinema Studies at the University of Zurich. Based on her research at Harvard University in the framework of her project Film History Re-mastered, she has published information on more than 200 color processes and gathered approximately 400 images from archives and private collections all over the world.

In its current form, the database is a starting point for a networked collaboration. Therefore we need additional means to develop this project to the next level where experts and researchers from all over the world can contribute and exchange information. So far Barbara Flueckiger has executed this huge endeavor almost single-handedly and financed most of it from her private savings.

We are very grateful for financial support to help cover image rights and web development support. In addition, you are very much invited to support this project, also by contributing information such as texts, bibliographical data, or images.

Timeline of Historical Film Colors